Paolo Bea San Valentino

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When not hanging out with Cistercian sisters to make wine in a nunnery in Lazio (Coenobium Rusticum), Paolo and Giampero Bea make this beautiful, beyond-organic red wine in their homeland of Umbria. This is the most affordable red wine Paolo Bea makes, but it still offers the truest of Bea experiences; it is in no way an "entry-level" wine, in other words, (and it also has the advantage of being way more drinkable in its youth than his Sagrantino!) It's made of 70% Sangiovese + 15% Sagrantino (Umbria's legendary grape, considered one of the richest on earth) + 15% Montepulciano. this is a wine of depth and wildness, with spice notes, rich black & tobacco-ey earth, and red cherry fruit. The acidity is bright and lively and unmistakably "natural Italian." (It comes in at only 13.9% ABV, too, which is no minor thing in a warm vintage like 2015!) Get it while we've got it, or get thee to a nunnery instead!

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