Domaine des Grottes 'P(ik)enat' Piquette

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Romain des Grottes, one of our favorite natural winemakers and restless experimenters in all of Beaujolais, has done it again. This time he's made us a lively and low ABV (4.5%!) sparkler using leftover grape must from his sexy Gamays. He added water to the pomace, allowed it to ferment just a tad, and then capped it right before the ferment finished, creating a natural effervescence. Crisp and yeasty-natural with just a hint of lush red fruit, this is perfect for those summer days on the river when you want to refresh but stay light on your feet... and/or not lose the cornhole game to your sober-er friend! (Beer drinkers can't have all the fun with their "session" beers!)

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