Domaine des Bastides 'Vin Cuit'

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This is quite simply one of the rarest, richest, most elegant beauties in the world of wine! It's only made in good vintages; there are only 150 cases made, total... and less than 15 of those make it to California! What's more? While it's a naturally made wine, sourced from 100% organic fruit, not fortified with spirits, and made without the addition of sulfur, this wine is preposterously stable once opened! (It will easily last open for a month or more, should anyone manage not to drink it!) This makes it an especially fun wine, as it can roll from one dinner to the next, and evolves gloriously over days. Find out what rabid vin cuit-ophile Thomas Jefferson knew (he brought cases of the stuff home from Provence! O the days before checked baggage restrictions!)

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