2018 Guillaume Clusel 'Sur Le Mont'

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We get it: we say Rhône, you say How red? (Rhone! How Red? Rhone!...) But there's more to the region than a sea of Grenache and Syrah. In fact, one of the whites most coveted in the world by wine nerdlingers are the White Hermitage of Jean-Louis Chave: an extraordinary wine that will set you back $400... *if* you can even find one. That's where up-and-comer Guillaume Clusel comes in. One of the hottest-sh!# winemakers in the region now, and an established Syrah whispererhe fashions an all-organic blend of Roussanne, Viognier, Altesse and Clairette into a baby-Chave-like portrait of balance... at less than 10% of the price! Fresh citrus, white floral aromas, a bright green zippiness and all manner of stony minerality.

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