Noël Bazin 'L'Unanime' Blanc de Blancs Brut NV Champagne (375ml)

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Far from ubiquitous, and even further from anonymous, this bottle would appear to be Unanimous. But... why would Nöel and Magali Bazin, who farm a teentsy 3-hectare plot in Champagne's Montagne de Reims area, name their scrumptious farmer-fizz "The Unanimous? It *was* unanimously adored at our most recent Champagne tasting, but could that be it?

A perfect mix of crisp, green-apple-laced freshness and an ever so slight oxidative note (think: pastry dough, marzipan, and chalk), this is stuff that's as serious as it is simple.... which caused us to wonder if perhaps its moniker has more to do with the "unanimous blood" of that fantastic Roque Dalton poem:

"I believe [...] that my veins don’t end in me
but in the unanimous blood
of those who struggle for life,
little things,
landscape and bread,
the poetry of everyone."

Because at its best? Champagne is both serious *and* simple, capable of connecting one to "little things..." little things that are nevertheless larger than a mere zip code in France. So: lift yourself above the fray. Enter a different form of spacetime. And once more connect to "life, love, little things, landscape and bread..." the unanimous blood, in other words!

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