Chateau Godard Bordeaux

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Two of the biggest tragedies in the world of wine include a.) the complete unraveling of Merlot’s reputation at the hands of a certain, not-to-be-named 2004 Paul Giamatti vehicle, and b.) that Bordeaux is so often overlooked as the source of some of the best values to be found on the market. Enter Château Godard, an Ecocert-Certified and biodynamic-practicing family winery focusing on pure expression of terroir and preservation of a healthy, balanced ecosystem. “But what’s their classification?”, you might be asking. Our response is this – who cares what a bunch of old guys decided in 1855, when you can get a naturally produced, responsibly and sustainably farmed, and downright delicious Merlot blend, full of sweet tobacco, generous fruit, and perfumed spice, at a price that makes you wonder why you ever doubted Bordeaux in the first place.

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