2012 Pol Roger 'Sir Winston Chruchill'

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The most famous Champagne-drinker of all time loved one Champagne above all: Sir Winston Churchill was reputed to have had 42,000 bottles of his beloved Pol Roger over the course of his life. What’s more? He didn’t apparently discover it until 1908, by which time he was 34! (You do the math.) One of the smaller Champagne houses, we think it's also one of the most consistent and one of the best. This bottle named after Winnie himself is their top cuvee. This is a rich, powerful champagne that really shows off the full, ripe white fruits and amazing minerality that come along with the great Champagne vintage of 2012. And when it comes to the bottle best-suited to toasting the defeat of fascists? It's probably worth deferring to Sir Winston. Oh, and not that we care, but one of those top wine critics happened to give it 99 points!

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