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Elmwood: Txakolina with Bidaia Winemaker in the HOUSE!

Bidaia Txak-full o' Sunshine!

TXAKOLINA. Nope. It's not an elaborate dance you need to learn. But it is a tongue-twister you'll want to master. Because when uttered (chock-oh-lee-nuh!) at the right time and place? *BAM.* A Rumpelstiltskin-esque magic is summoned down out of the hills, and you are transformed into a being of light: as shot through with bright Basque Country sunshine as you are laced up with a salty Atlantic breeze!

If you've been in the store recently (especially on a hot day, or at least what passes for one in the Bay Area)? Then you know: there's one summer quencher we've been heard to recommend over all others: the Txakolina made by our new fave Basque producer, Bidaia.

Traditionally poured in Pais Vasco from a height several feet above the glass, it's at once a pure and brainless summer brain-refresher... and the wine that gets used to wash down the best food in the world. (Seriously. The best.)

Having recently visited the winery (see below), we came back more smitten than ever. But what's more? We convinced the winemaker to come on her first-ever trip to California... and to pour for us! Tomorrow night, she'll be pouring the Txakolina that set our world on fire this year, her rare Txakolina rosé, and a special new Basque-made Rioja as well!

The Txakolina of Bidaia!

Winemaker in the House!
Thursday, 9/5. 6 - 7:45 PM.
Only at Elmwood.

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