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Vine Street: Wines of Lazio vs. Campania!

Soccer's greatest pleasures don't always come from watching Manchester United square off with Barcelona...
and it's the same with wine.

True vinous fun resides not in score-chasing, nor pledging one's allegiance to Burgundy or Barolo. A true lover of the game knows: the most fun is had on the margins.

So this Friday? Forget Napa United vs. Atletico Rioja, and their whiney million-dollar players! Look forward instead to a heated Friday-night all Italian showdown: Lazio vs. Napoli! Will the ancient city of Rome (Lazio's beating heart) once more reign supreme? Or is Naples just beginning to, um, heat up?

Blaine Verde, our good friend and rabid Italophile, will be on hand to referee: will Lazio's Roman aplomb (star players: Bellone! Biancolella! Cesanese!) prove too much for Naples? Or will the Neapolitan squad's drive (star players: Falanghina! Greco di Tufo! Aglianico!) be too, well, volcanic for Lazio to contain?

Lazio vs. Napoli!

This Friday at Vine St.
5:30-7:30 PM.

Blaine Verde in the House!
$10 for 6 Wines!

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