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Elmwood: Piemontese Winemaker Simone Scaletta in the House!

Simone Scaletta: Hustler of Piedmont.

Imagine you're a hyper-talented winemaker; one obsessed with one of the greatest regions in the entire vinous world. Now? Imagine you have slightly less than, say, 100 million Euro at your disposal.

Please meet Simone Scaletta: one of Piedmont's undisputed rising stars... and a man who lived in his RV (for years!) while he amassed enough capital to buy the kind of fruit and vineyards that were worthy of his talent.

A native of Turin, a little over a decade ago (after working his @$$ off),Simone acquired a few hectares of vineyards in the village of Monforte d’Alba, where he now runs a micro-winery.. and where he makes the kind of classic Barolo that surprises us jaded & grizzled old Piedmontophiles: Who is this? Why haven't I heard of him? How can it be this mindblowingly good?

A hand-made, craftsman-style vignaiolo, Simone manages to find elegance in a Barolo zipcode that's often known more for its power than for its finesse. We are delighted to make his acquaintance (to say nothing of his wines), and we are honored to be hosting his inaugural East Bay visit!

New Kid on the Block:
The Wines of Scaletta! 

Winemaker in the House!

This Saturday. 4:30-7 PM.
Only at Elmwood. $5.