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Vine Street: Taste the Martian Wines of the Canary Islands!

Vineyards in moonscapes. Scraggly vines popping up and out of ashen craters, seeking relief from the unrelenting North African winds.

No, this isn't a vision of the post-apocalypse; this is in fact one of the most exciting (and most unlikely) sites in all the world of wine: the Canary Islands.

This is a special place, and the wines reflect it: grapes you've never heard of, planted close to the ground (or in small moats, called hoyos) in ash fields on the side of a volcano: we ain't in Kansas anymore, Toto, and we love it.

At Vine this Friday? We're serving up five alien wines...

Canaries in the Gold (V)ine!
This Friday. 5:30 PM.
Only at Vine Street.