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Elmwood: Lambrusco Dinner at Nabolom!

Our First-Ever Lambrusco Dinner!
This Thursday at Nabolom.

Once Upon a Time in Emilia-Romagna?
They really messed a thing up.

It's true. Sometime back in the 80's? A gang of tastebud-deficient businessmen took a gorgeous, old-school wonder of a wine - a truly lovely thing, as versatile as it was delicious - and turned it into an industrial swillbanger. One that resembled the original glory as much as a Ding Dong™ does your grandmother's chocolate torte.

First? They robbed the wine of its deep, rich, gorgeous natural color.Next? They added treacly gobs of sugar, and abandoned traditional closures in favor of screwcaps. The indisputable deathblow? Ads like this.

The good news? Decades later, out of the scorched earth of ersatz yodelers, two-dollar robots, vaguely racist "Eskimos," and some B-grade mimes (you didn't click the link up there, did you? Here, there's still time!), a renaissance was born.

Are you surprised? Really? You think the honorable and highly discerning people of Emilia-Romagna - the same folks who brought you Parmesan cheese, Balsamic vinegar, tortellini, Prosciutto di Parma, and Bolognese sauce, et many al. - would drink anything less than gobstopperingly good wine?

Come taste the real stuff with us. (Though please, feel free to wear your yodeling outfit!) We're gonna explore different Lambrusco grapes (yes! it's both a style of wine and the oldest family of Italian grapes... and all of them are slightly different!) like the elegant & salmon-pink Lambrusco di Sorbara, the deep violet Lambrusco di Salamino, the inky-purple Lambrusco di Maestri, and more!

And because Lambrusco is the ultimate food wine (nothing pairs with fat and salt better; ask the next nattily dressed gentleman from Ferrara you meet!)? We've partnered with our friends at Nabolom to demonstrate! For just $15, you'll get a tasting flight of 4 Lambruschi, two slices of pizza caponata (eggplant, tomato, fennel, olive), a Little Gem salad, and dessert! (With glasses of whichever Lambrusco you want to pair with your dinner starting at only $5... and special day-of discounts on the bottles besides!)

Our First-Ever Lambrusco Dinner!
At Nabolom Pizzeria.
This Thursday. 6 -8 PM.

Location: 2708 Russell St. (Just around the Corner.)

Deal: $15 for a Tasting Flight of Four Lambruschi...
Plus Pizza, Salad & Dessert!

And: $5+ Glasses! Special Discounts on the Wines!
(Vecchia Modena! La Collina! Il Saliceto! Podere Magia!)

Reservations not required...
but please email for parties of 6 or more!