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Elmwood: Wines of Desire Lines!

  • Vintage Berkeley Elmwood 2949 College Avenue Berkeley United States (map)

Desire lines: also called, variously, cow paths, pirate paths, social trails, kemonomichi (beast trails), chemins de l’âne (donkey paths), and Olifantenpad (elephant trails). These are the paths animals take without regard to the paths that were made for them. Some view them as evidence of animals’ unwillingness to do what they’re told; others (insufferable academics, mostly) see them as a “record of collective disobedience.”

Us? We view them as what happens when the heart leads reason across a patch of earth. Which is why there's no better name for the new winemaking project started by Cody and Emily RasmussenDesire Lines.

Cody, assistant winemaker to Bedrock's Morgan Twain-Peterson, may be a quiet guy, but in the very, very short time his wines have been available? They've made a whole lot of noise. The species known as the Mild-Mannered Wine Nerdlinger - you know, the type more prone to talk about which type of tobacco leaf they're sniffing in a wine (is that brightleaf, or Latakia?) than they are to use an errant exclamation point - are exploding out of their cranial nerd-containers. Like here, and here, and here!

This Friday? We're beyond thrilled to introduce you to Cody, and to his wines. Come join us, so you can tell your grandkids you were there when.

The Wines of Desire Lines.

This Friday at Elmwood. 6 PM.
Five measly dollars.