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Elmwood: Come Get Barmy for Barmès-Buecher!

Barm·y /ˈbärmē/  (adjective: informal, British): mad; crazy. i.e.,"Once I tasted a proper Gewürztraminer? I went absolutely barmy for the wines of Alsace."

In actual point of etymological fact? The word "barmy" actually has nothing to do with the Barmés-Buecher winemaking family of France's Alsace region... but it could!

Because these are wines of place, purity, and distinction.Barmès-Buecherfarms biodynamically, and are as beloved by the coolio kids as they are by the classicists. (Including the wine mags, whotend to froth at the mouth about them.)

Alsace is one of the most dynamic (and biodynamic! there's a higher percentage of organic & biodynamic vineyards here than in any other wine region in France) regions in France, and it's time you fell in love with it the way we have.

There's no better place to start than with Sophie Barmès-Buecher, who's debuting her wines' entry into California at Elmwood on Tuesday!

Get Barmy With It. 
Tuesday, 4/2, 6 PM at Elmwood!
Four Wines... and Two Ciders!