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Solano Cellars: Niche Natural (not natty!) French with MC Squared

Last week we featured some killer French staples, and this week we are diving into a completely different kind of French wine: Niche and Natural (never natty!) French! The yin to last week's yang if you will. Hosted by MC Squared, an importer focused on responsibly farmed, minimal intervention "natural" wines that are as clean as the day is long. No mouse in this house! We'll visit some slightly more 'niche' French than your standard Burdundy-Bordeaux 1-2 punch: Sparking Pinot Blanc from Alsace, Vermentino-Roussanne (!) from Provence, Picpoul and Tempranillo (!!!) from Languedoc, San Soufre Beaujolais that smells like Red Hots, and a classic Jura Trousseau. Far from ordinary and nothing short of extraordinary, these wines will make your re-think France... and re-think natural!

Fee: $10/person 

Later Event: March 7
Elmwood: Kivelstadt!