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Elmwood: Winemaker Julie Gonet-Médeville in the House!

Julie & Xavier Gonet-Médeville: often called "the First Couple of French Wine," we think of them as more akin to the Wonder Twins: two oeno-superheroes who joined forces for the benefit of the Global Vinous Good!
We're honored to host one half of the dynamic duo, as Julie comes to pour an all-star line-up of five of her wines!

Julie's family owned one of Bordeaux's oldest and most impressive estates, the incomparable Chateau Gilette; Xavier came from a long, long line of Champagne growers and makers in Le Mesnil. Together? The Wonder Twins bring us some of the greatest treasures we know, from all over France.

Julie's pouring what amounts to the quintessential quintet of her family's wines. Her organic, micro-production, Premier Cru Champagne. Their stunning and affordable Bordeaux Blanc. Our customers' favorite "Monday night Bordeaux," their Cru Monplaisir. Their sexy-pants Chateau des Eyrins Margaux. And just because we love you and we told her you're worth it? She's going to pour you a splash of her benchmark Sauternes as well!

Julie Gonet-Médeville!
Friday 3/22 at Elmwood. 6 PM.
Champagne! Bordeaux! Sauternes!