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Elmwood: Domaine du Sulauze! Winemakers in the House!

Elmwood welcomes two of our heroes: Karina & Guillaume Lefèvre, the owner-winemakers of Provence's natural wonderland, Domaine du Sulauze!

They describe Sulauze as "more than a vineyard" - and that's an understatement. This is a biodynamically tended paradise of Provençal polyculture. With 30 hectares planted to vine, 2 hectares planted to barley (they make beer in a 300-year-old sheepfold), two hectares planted to wheat (they make regionally famous bread), 5 hectares of olive trees (because Provence). They use no chemicals anywhere, they plow by horse, and the whole is just about as close to your fantasy of southern France as you'll ever damn see.

It doesn't hurt that these two are as goddarn cute, funny, and spirited as winemakers come! Guillaume is the head viticulturist, winemaker, and sausage-maker. (Not a metaphor: they have delicious home-made sausages drying in their cellar.) Karina is the force of nature that handles the rest of the estate: a full-fledged farm that raises many animals and grows a wide range of crops. (Oh, yeah, and she also happens to be an Olympic tri-athlete originally from Brazil!)

These are some of our favorite wines (you may already know them from their Cochon - one of the most re-ordered club wines of 2018.... or their Jambonette, which is in this month's club pack)... made by some of our favorite people.

they'll be pouring every bottle we could pry away from them. Their "Super Modeste" bubbles. Their "Galinette" blanc. Bien sur, our beloved 'Cochon' and 'Jambonette.' And depending on whether it makes it through customs, the American debut of their 2018 "Pomponette" rosé!

Domaine du Sulauze!
Winemakers in the House!
Thursday 3/21, Elmwood, 6 PM. $5.