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Solano Cellars: Ancient Wine Guys – The Labors of Heracles!

This Saturday at Solano*! Please join Dr. Dana DePietro, Dr. Jeff Pearson, and Ti Ngo - archaeologists, educators, and mad lovers of the vine - on an epic journey through the world and wines of the Labors of Heracles.

That's right: the Big Guy himself! Because no ancient figure fascinated Greeks and Romans alike as much as Heracles (or Hercules, if you're Roman). While Heracles cameo'ed in myths innumerable, his most famous legend was undoubtedly that of the series of extraordinary Labors he was forced to complete in servitude to his rival, King Eurystheus.

We use the myth cycle as a leaping-off point, and will taste eight wines from the places Heracles visited during his Labors... along with small-food plate pairings as well! For only $60!

This Saturday*, from 6 - 8:30 PM at Solano! Come join us for a seminar that will be fascinating, delicious, and anything but laborious!