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Elmwood: Wonders of the Ligurian Coast

Wonders of the Ligurian Coast

Tomorrow at Elmwood: we're excited to welcome the greatest grandchildren winemakers of the Ligurian coast: Il Torchio!

Having taken over the reins from Giorgio Tendola, the legendary Ligurian winemaker and the champion of Liguria's Colli di Luni appellation, grandkids Gilda and Edoardo have quickly become known as the winemakers to watch in Italy's amazing coastal wine region.

At 12 hectares (with only 9 planted to vine), Il Torchio may be small... but they're one of the only contiguous estates in Liguria, and one of the only natural winemakers there, too! These are exciting wines, and dynamic winemakers, and we're thrilled to play host.