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Elmwood: Prosecco to Piedmont! with Italian wine expert, Costanza Maag

$2K for a plane ticket. $300 to rent the Alfa. That -- and 6 nerve-wrecking hours on Italy's A21 autostrada -- and you're all set for one of the days of your life! You'll taste with one of the finest Prosecco houses (Case Paolin)... and one of the most insider-y producers in Barolo (La Morra's Eraldo Viberti)... in the same day!

Wanna do that for about $2290 less? Without staring down almost certain automotive death in between tastings? While reducing your carbon footprint to zero? We've got you covered.

Because this Thursday at Elmwood? The irrepressibly ebullient Italian wine expert, Costanza Maag, will be in the house, making the drive for you. She'll be pouring an all-star trans-Northern-Italian lineup: taste three of Prosecco's finest bubblies, and three or four of Piedmont's finest reds!