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Elmwood: Ciders. Wines. Meringues

We're bringing you a party worthy of the month of December: we're 1) starting with some of our favorite wines from Floraison Selections. Bubbles. Burgundy. Cult reds.

And then 2) we'll have you adjourn to the dessert room, where you'll a) taste the exquisite, brain-dilating ciders of Julien Thurel - a man behind what one wine critic called "one of the most ambitious and exciting projects in France: attempting to resurrect the long history of cider production in the Loire."

Alongside them? 3) Taste (and/or gift!) the most meringues of Svetlana Royzen. (Unlike anything you've ever tried, these are less like cookies, and more like cherub-biscuits.) Think: Sage. Coriander. Beets. Rose with pistachios. More! All hand-dipped in a variety of chocolates!

Skip the Goose!

Importer Nadia Dmytriw in the House! – Baker Svetlana Royzen in the House!