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Elmwood: Come to Awe-stria.

The good thing about American ümläütöphöbiä? It seems to keep the prices down on some of our favorite things! Elmwood heads to Österreich: the "Eastern Kingdom" we call Austria... and wine nerdlingers call "Shh, don't tell everyone about this place or prices will go up, you big dummy."

Come journey with us from A (ustria) to Z (weigelt) and back! Whites that strike you like a laser beam to the frontal cortex! Reds that'll make you cheat on Pinot and never look back! The glorious dry bubbles they spell "Sekt" (but pronounce Zekkt)! Exquisite Rosés! And maybe even some wines from neighboring Germany, because our ümlautophilia is now incontinent and knows no bounds!

Come Get Awe-struck.

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