Calder Wines Tasting at Vine

  • Vintage Berkeley Vine 2113 Vine Street Berkeley, CA, 94709 United States

Little known fact: a few decades back, government scientists sought to genetically engineer a Napa winemaking legend. All agreed: the best plan was to ask the man who started Frog's Leap -- and the woman who started Tres Sabores -- for permission to recombine their vinous super-genome into Napa's 21st century savior. The white coats arrived in wine country... only to find out they were too late! The couple had already bred! (Insert Gasp! here.) Enter Rory Williams, of Calder Wines. He'll be here Friday, pouring through his rosé, his Charbono, his Carignane, and his mouth-watering Petite Sirah!