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Passport Tasting Series #8: Rioja, Spain

South of the Cantabrian Mountains and along the meandering Ebro river in northern Spain lie the vast vineyards of La Rioja. Situated on a large plateau, the vineyards of the Ebro River valley produce some of the longest lived and most sought-after reds of the Old World. The native Tempranillo and Garnacha combine in a variety of magical ways to create wines that often rival the greatest of wines from Bordeaux, Tuscany, and Napa Valley.

Come taste a 10+ selection of wines from this incredible region at any of our three shops. We'll be featuring wines that range from humble quaffers intended for a slight chill and a tapas table, all the way to the power and grandeur of the Gran Reservas. 

Friday, August 21st 5:30 - 7:30PM - $20 - All three locations