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Double-Header Limestone Tasting

Experience The Unique Terroir of Chalk

Rarely are there discussions of the world's great terroirs, soils, and vineyards without a mention of limestone. The vineyards ofChablis, Sancerre, and Champagne serve as constant reminders of the invigorating, stimulating, electric, and delicious effects that this soil-type has on its resultant wines. 

Rocks? Chalk? Limes? Huh?
Not quite following what we're getting at? 

Stop by either Vintage Berkeley this Saturday to taste, and learn for yourself.

two free tastings will educate your palate, and intrigue the senses with a lineup of some of our favorite limestone-laced French wines. 

This tasting will be conducted by Susan Thornett from Vintage 59, an importer of fantastic French wines.


Vintage Berkeley College Avenue

Vintage Berkeley Vine Street